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Many people have asked for a comprehensive database containing good experiential exercises where they can easily find the exercises they need for their workshops and seminars. FActivities.com if our answer to that request at FacilitatorU.com.

Our goal is to officially launch this site in early 2004 with at least 100-200 exercises. That part of the database will remain free to the public.

Our next goal is to build the largest online database of experiential exercises to over 1,000 exercises in 20 categories within the coming year.

As this site grows, we plan to offer a "site membership" entitling user to access the growing database of hundreds of exercises.

We will also very likely offer the database in an ebook format with quarterly updates.

People who submit exercises will earn the following benefits:

  1. Get full attribution posted on each exercise you submit.

  2. Submit 3 exercise or more and get full database access for 6 months from date of official launch.

  3. Submit 5 exercises or more and get full database access for one year from date of official launch.

  4. Submit 10 or more exercises and get free lifetime membership to database.


If so, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us with your ideas, questions, and suggestions.

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