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Our database is organized into the categories listed below. There are two ways to browse for exercises. One way is to click on a category below to find exercises of interest. Another way is to use the search engine box below. You can type keywords into the box below to search the entire database. Narrow your search to an exercise category using the pulldown menu.

We have organized exercises using the following popular parameters. Use these to assist you in your search.

  • Audience: Children, Teenagers, Adults

  • Suggested Group Size: Small: 3-12; Medium: 12-20,
    Large: 20-50, or Mod: 50+

  • (Physical) Activity Level : Light, Moderate, Active, Strenuous

  • Keywords: Click here for list of keywords used.

  • Time: Suggested duration of exercise is listed in 10 min. blocks, e.g., 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, etc.

  • Venue: Size of room or environment. Exercises suited to
    a "virtual" environment are classified as "online."

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If you know a great exercise or two that you're interested in submitting, please review our submission instructions here. We'll be happy to provide you full attribution. If you submit three or more that we can use, we'll give you a free subscription to our service for 6 months.


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