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We'd love to add your exercises to our database. We'll be happy to provide you full attribution and if you submit three or more, we'll give you a free subscription to our service for 6 months. Please note that the exercises you submit must cannot be copyright protected by someone else. These should be your own original exercises or you must have permission from the author to submit.

Please take a few minutes to read our submission agreement before filling out this form. Then just fill in the fields in the 5-part form below. Complete each section to the best of your ability and please do not exceed the area of each window in Part 2 and beyond. If you do, the form may not work. If you have a long exercise, it may be wise to email us your submission. To do so, just click here to email our autoresponder that will email you a text format that you can complete and email it back to us. To view an example of what we're looking for in each field, please click here. You'll be notified in a few days as to the status of your exercise. Thank you for helping to build FActivities.com!

Exercise Submission Form
Part 1: Logistical Info

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Activity Level: Light Moderate Active Strenuous

Key Words: Enter three to five key words, separated by commans, that best characterizes the exercise. Try to use words that a facilitator might use to look for your exercise beyond the "category" words used above.

Materials Needed:
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Venue: Typical Room Conference Room Outdoors Online

Outcome/Objective: Please specify the intended end result of engaging participants in this activity.

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