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We'd love to add your exercises to our database. Please review our submission format below, fill in your data for each field, and come back and transfer it to our online form . We'll review it and get back to you with any questions we have. We'll provide you full attribution and if you submit three or more, we'll give you a free subscription to our service for 6 months. Five or more, free access for one year!

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Exercise Submission Format

Title: Include title of exercise

Exercise Type: Note categories that apply to this exercise from category list. You may list secondary categories as appropriate.

Time Required: Include time estimate to complete entire exercise to the nearest 10 minutes.
Suggested Group Size
: Small: 3-12, Medium: 12-20, Large: 20-50, Mob: 50+
Suggested Age Group: Children, Teenagers, Adults
Activity Level: Light, Moderate, Active, Strenuous
Key Words: Please submit three to five key words that best characterizes the exercise. Try to use words that a facilitator might use to look for your exercise beyond the "category" words used above.

Materials Needed: Please note any materials needed for the exercise here.

Venue: Typcial room, Conference room, or Outdoors.

Outcome/Objective: Please specify the intended end result of engaging participants in this activity

Activity Description: Describe the set up and delivery of the exercise including any variations possible and any instructions that participants will need.

Debrief/Facilitator Notes: Include any guidance to the facilitator about the conduct of this exercise, what they might expect, and key questions or processes to guide the debrief.

Learning Points: Include here any cognitive information that the exercise seeks to teach or demonstrate.

Questions to Draw Out Learning Points. Include questions that will draw out content learning you're trying to convey in points above.

Application: Include any actions you wish to suggest of your participants to help them ground their learning via new insights, behaviors, or actions they plan to take.

Resources: Include any relevant materials for further study that relate to or amplify upon the intended purpose of the activity such as books, articles, or websites.

Attribution: Up to 100 words about yourself and your work, including weblinks and contact info, which we will include with each exercise you submit to us.


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